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Kol Koreh Integrated Class

The Kol Koreh Integrated Class was established in September 2014 in Talmud Torah Moriah, a local Ramat Bet Shemesh elementary school, to provide a comprehensive educational program for students with language based learning disabilities. The class, under the direction of the Kol Koreh Educational Supervisor, Dr. Sarah Levy, enables students to be mainstreamed for a vast majority of academic subjects, while receiving the interventions that they need in the form of supplementary tutoring and group mentoring, within the framework of the school day. The staff at Talmud Torah Moriah works closely with the students, their parents and the Kol Koreh educational team, to ensure that this balance is maintained and students meet, and even exceed, their potential.

Plans for the future include expansion of this successful model, making it available for additional students, at different grade levels.

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